Sunday, November 4, 2012

My life recently, according to my iPhone.

Morning picnic at the park// Halloween "tailgate"
My best gals at the Farmers Market// Kristina and I at the Wine Loft
Hunter and I enjoying the Farmers Market (with the help of some beer)// A purty little butterfly
My brother's Halloween shave// Picture wall at my grandparent's house
Some new purchases ( t.j. maxinista, obviously)//  The sun shining through after a storm
Shadow of Hunt and I (romantic walk home from the bar, huh?)// My new camera (drool)
Enjoying the time I have with this hunk// Tucker frolicking around on a beautiful day

I know I haven't posted recently, but life has been pretty crazy. These are just a few snapshots of what the past few weeks have looked like (of course, leaving out the all nighters studying for midterms, the cranky mornings and the four hour drives to and from Tallahassee every few weeks- I'll just show ya the nice stuff). Any ways, I'm going to go so I can soak up the last bit of time I have with my sweet puppy daddy before he heads back to Tallahassee. Hope everyone is well, you'll hear from me soon!


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