Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food. Again.

It's no new news, I love to eat. All kinds of food, I'm not bias. This leads to me loving to cook (much less now that I have zero free time and am living at home, it's just not the same when it's not your own kitchen. But hey, I'm making due people, cut me some slack will ya?)

Anyways, in between being so sick and feeling on the verge of death this weekend (okay, I'm mildly dramatic) Hunter and I made steak quesadillas on the grill- can you say delectable? I can, and I will: DELECTABLE. mm mmm mm.

We cut up a green pepper and a sweet onion, drizzled some olive oil on top and seasoned lightly with salt and pepper.

Made a fancy little foil boat and put those babies right on the grill. Don't forgot to move them around so they all cook evenly. 

My favorite part (can I get a mmmmm?). We seasoned the steaks (both sides) with worchestire sauce, lemon pepper and salt. While cooking we added a little more sauce to the steaks, and cooked them to medium rare (about 135 degrees).

Put the tortilla on a grate pan on the grill, add cheese, pepppers, onions and steak.

For the sauce on top I mixed half BBQ sauce and half sour cream (tasty). 

Can you tell Tuck REALLY wanted a 'dilla?

Good gracious I love that furry face.
Happy Tuesday lovas,

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