Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Farmers Market-ing

Fresh fruit, veggies, flowers and beer.

On Saturday, Hunter and I went to the Farmers Market about 30 minutes away and met up with two of my best friends that I don't get to see as often as I'd like ( we'd still be having sleep overs every night if I had it my way), but even spending just an hour or two together is so refeshing, to say the least. 
You know those people that you have in your life that no matter how long it's been since you've been together nothing changes. Yup, their my people and I love them a whole lot. 

Hunter and I got there an hour or so before B and Lex and had a beer (or three). I have to say there are very few things that make me happier than sitting outside on a beautiful day with the people I love enjoying a drink. Call it what you may, I call it bliss.

Best friend and boyfriend, what more could I ask for?

Let me tell you how amazing these veggies were on our pizzas: AHmazing.
B and her sweet little sister Delaney (dontcha just want to kiss those cheeks??)

 Well, this sums us up nicely.

Doesn't get much better.

So everyone's been doing this 'Today I am thankful for..." of November and I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon... five days late (whooops).

Well here we go.

Day five: Today I am thankful for my freedom. Plain and simple. I am thankful to be living in a country where I have the opportunity to vote. So for those of you who haven't- educate yourselves and VOTE!

Oh and as mentioned above, I am thankful for the most incredible friends that have ever walked this earth- love you guys! xo

That's all for now-



  1. It was wonderful spending time with yall also! I miss you guys!

    PS love the pics :)

    1. Thanks girlfran, can't wait until December- Let the count down begin!!