Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1:30 pm... A glass of wine please

So I promised I would put up the before and after pictures of the mini bar I made for Hunter for our anniversary, so here ya go people. Talk about a SUPER easy project- Enjoy!

I found this table at a local Salvation Army for a steal. As you can see it needed some serious TLC but I had to have it!

Once I got home I cleaned it for about an hour, legitimate scrubbing was necessary (what's more fun than that?...)

I bought four cans of high gloss black spray paint with primer already in it. I used ALL four cans, doing very light coats, waiting for the piece to fully dry before adding another layer. 

The majority of the items I also found at Salvation Army ( I was jumping for joy...literally). For what I couldn't find there I found at T.J. Maxx (the wine glasses, and cocktail glasses). Hunt was so excited he wanted to take it home right away, so we still need to put a high gloss sealing coat on top but for now, it's just fine the way it is! 

Beautiful water stain, doncha think?

Bought this beaut for a whopping 35$

The finished piece- I really should start using my cannon and not my phone...whhoooopps

I'm all about homemade cards (how can you not love button people??)

He was pretty happy with his mini bar- my goodness I love him. 

What do you guys think about the finished product?