Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Official

Well, it's official- I suck at blogging. Actually I retract that statement, I'm going to go ahead and blame it on spring break. Yup. Not my fault. But I promise to start writing more regularly now that I'm back from a pretty awesome 10 day break of school, work and stress.

I'm just going to give the quickest version of the past two weeks because let's face it, who really wants to read all that anyways? Exactly. Alright so Hunter and I drove a lovely nine hours to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We spent three days there filled with AH-mazing BBQ, scallop burgers, and the tastiest drinks (my favorite was the june bug, which I'm still dreaming about.) OH yeah I forgot Hunter's favorite- looking at antiques. HAH. I was in heaven and he was definitely a trooper. (Thanks Hunt)

Then we drove to the mountains, despite a few issues with driving in little snow storm, we got there and it was BEAUTIFUL. Blowing Rock, NC had gotten about 7 inches of snow and the mountain was covered. We skied two full days, and I swear I had to drag Hunter off that mountain. We tried a few restaurants, went out to a few bars, played some pool and witnessed a pretty intense bar fight. Then to Tampa we went.

OH yeah, I also found out I got accepted to USF, FSU and USC for grad school- pretty stellar end to an amazing trip if I do say so myself. Decisions, decisions.

Alright, here are some pics: 

Okay so what I really wanted to share with you is my recipe for the most delicious blackened fish tacos- ever. Happy Taco Tuesday to me:

Don't judge off the picture this was my, "omg I'm so full but I need another taco" taco. anyways.

1. Buy tilapia- we bought a little under a pound
2. Put some olive oil on both sides of the fish
3. Generously apply blackened seasoning on both sides (bought it at publix for about 2$)
4. Heat the skillet- without oil on medium heat
5. After a few minutes add a little oil and then the fish
6. After a few minutes on each side and the fish is done remove it from the heat

* Break up the fish and put it on top of some cole slaw on the wheat tortilla shells.
* Add toppings and sauce

6. Buy cole slaw (in the salad section)
7 Dice up 1/2 tomato
8. Dice up 1/4 red onion
9. Warm tortilla shells

10. 1/4 cup Mayo
11. 3 Teaspoons lemon juice
12. A few squirts of sriracha hot chili sauce
13. Mix together and add on top of tacos- YES PLEASE.

I'm telling ya, try the tacos they are SO easy and SO good.