Thursday, June 27, 2013

These lips are sealed.

It's been a while and honestly it's just because I've kinda been at a loss for what I want to write about.

Food? Sure, I could talk food all day- I love food and it loves me right back.
Tuck? Duh. Lord knows I love that puppy, and his big ole ears melt my heart.
DIY? uhm. Not so much, unless you count the graduation card I made for Hunter.
Which brings me to : Hunter? He graduated and I couldn't be more proud of him.
Family? My sister and her boyfriend got engaged last week... IN SPAIN (relishing in jealousy over here, the good kind). Congrats to those sweet babes!
School? I try to avoid that aspect of my life at all cost, seeing as it consumes 8 hours of my day a day. Let me have my evenings to enjoy some wine, k? K.

I guess what has been on this little mind of mine has been the thought of girls, acquaintances, friends, whatever you want to call them. Why, at 23 years old are they still so mean? Sometimes I just don't know what I want to let out on this little interwebz and what I should just keep to myself.

Moral of this story is I'm choosing to keep it to myself and just be thankful for the good friends I've had just about my entire life and move on from negativity.

Okay, I feel 12908130989 times better now that I got that out. Phew.