Monday, November 19, 2012

I would rather be...

This weekend flew by, I'm talkin' I blinked one time and BAM it was over. I got to meet my brother and his wife's sweet little pup (how cute is he??) and Saturday I spent the night at my sister's place. There was a lot of sushi eating, wine drinking, and trash tv watching goin' on- wild Saturday, people! 

Which leads me to my next thought, today I would rather be doing anything than what I'm doing. 

Today I would rather be laying in bed (obviously still in my jams) watching saved by the bell and boy meets world, all day long. 

Today I would rather be in my big comfy sweater, sipping on a big ol' cup of coffee, sitting on the back porch. 

Today I would rather be helping my mom get ready for Thanksgiving- taste tester anyone??

Today I would rather be on the beach, carefree, and enjoying every moment of being 22. 

Today I would rather be celebrating my best friend's birthday at dinner instead of sitting in class until 8pm ( sorry B, I wish I could be there!

Shoot, we all know today I would rather be walking around that mall eyeing all of things I can't afford (or Christmas shopping, ok?)

Moral of the story is today I would rather be doing anything than what it is I need to do, but come Wednesday this girl is on va-cay. 

Bring on the cabernet. 


  1. hang in there! Thanksgiving is just around the corner then you can watch BMW and SBTB all you want!

  2. Thanks for the optimism, exactly what I needed!

  3. so... what is it that you have to do instead of all these wonderful, fun, mildly lazy things?

    thanksgiving vacay soon, though!! woot!

    by the way, love how you referred to your sushi/trash tv night as "wild saturday" lol!

    really cute blog. glad to have found it.


    1. That's about as wild as I'm getting these day! baha
      I'm in graduate school getting my masters in speech language pathology, so I've been spending about 85% of my time at school or in the clinic... day dreaming about these lazy ventures! Glad you found my blog, follow!

      xx Marisa