Friday, August 10, 2012

Window Pane Makeover

Helllllllloooo Friday! 

I went out yesterday and got a few things to do a new DIY I've never tried- Mercury Glass (like these little numbers) I love the way they look but at 200$ a pop...pssshhhh so not happening. Anyways, it hasn't stopped raining all day so you're just going to have to wait (sorry Charlie.)

A few months back I bought an old window pane from a second hand store for a WHOPPING 5$ (yeah I know, big spender right?) I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but after a few days of brain storming, and by brain storming I mean lurking around Pinterest I decided to make it a picture holder.

So here we go....

This was after I wiped it down with a damp rag- so much dirt I had to rethink why I got it in the first place, so if yours looks anything like this don't worry it will still work.

After I wiped it down I picked up to of my paints in the garage, an antique white and a light grey. I did one coat of the grey then took a dry brush and put a light coat of the grey on top. I let the dry, then lightly sanded it down so I was able to see the wood underneath, even some of the greenish tint! 

She's looking a little better right?..say yes

Once the sanding was done I took some left over hemp I had from a previous project (you can buy it at any craft store for like 3bucks) and twisted to pieces together the length of the pane. 

Next, I used hot glue (hi-tech, I know) and adhered the hemp to the pane.

 I found some little clothes pins for about 2$ at the craft store to hold the pictures to the hemp. Now that I'm back home with my parents (pretty great roommates if ya ask me) I went through some of their old albums and found a bunch of old ones of the two of them:

They're pretty freakin' cute, right?

Now for the REAL HARD PART....Clip the pictures to the clothes pin

SO easy, SO cheap, and SO darn cute.