Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hutch Re-do

Good morning! Now that I've had my two cups of coffee I'm ready to function as a human and do a quick post about this neat piece.

Final Turnout

I really wish I had a picture of it before, but to put it nicely it was just plain ol' ugly. Solid wood with no finish what so ever. Bright side- this is the original hardware. Down side- still haven't gotten new knobs for the piece (woops!)

Again I used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint- I love it but it's slowly burning a hole in my FUNemplyoed pocket.

  1. Remove everything from the hutch, and wipe it down- I use lysol wipes. 
  2. Remove the doors and set aside screws and hardware.
  3. Apply your first LIGHT coat to piece, let fully dry- only took about 35 minutes. ( My mom and I used- Old White)
  4. Apply second coat and allow to dry over night.
  5. After my two coats of white were applied, I went ahead and applied Annie Sloan's, RED paint inside the glass part of the piece. Again I allowed that to dry over night. 
  6. The next day I lightly sanded the edges and any crevices of the piece.
  7. My mom and I applied the Annie Sloan CLEAR wax to the piece, allowed it to dry 24 hours and then put the doors back on.
My mom got a little crazy with the sanding...easy to do and easy to fix. I just went over the spots that I thought were TOO distressed with a little more paint- Problem solved! 

Since the hutch didn't have a previous paint of seal on it, it DEFINITELY absorbed more paint- YAY!

Oh well, overall the hutch turned out AMAZING and my mom couldn't be happier to have it displayed in the kitchen. 

What do ya think??

Hope ya like it as much as this little lady and I do!

xox Marisa

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