Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, I really really don't like you. At all.

Is it really Monday already? Why does this always seem to happen, one day it's Friday then BAM I blink and there Monday is again, ready to attack with a 7am alarm and a wet puppy nose right in my face (not that the latter part isn't sweet). It's time to start studying my life away for finals, but I decided that keeping up with my blog would be used as a break- I know, you can all exhale now (Just joshin' with ya).

After our delish dinner on Friday night we had Chilean Sea Bass and grilled shrimp on Saturday that I will post later this week because it truly was to-die-for (I'm super serious on this one gang). Yesterday Hunter and I went to lunch with my brother and sister in law, well it was suppose to be brunch but one thing led to another and the hunger took over, and well, I ordered a burger (woops). We went to Datz and I think I fell in love with this place. I wish I took more pictures of the inside because it was presh (don't worry, I'll be back).

Menu, in the form of a newspaper.

My brother and Erica- look at those little cuties!

This dude I picked up this weekend.. (that's a joke, people)

Their homemade chips, or as I like to describe them as: "magic in my mouth"

I would like everyone to take a moment to soak this one in. PAUSE. Okay, great- fried Macaroni and Cheese balls with jalapeno and bacon bits inside served with a side of chipotle sauce (My healthy eating begins today...)

After lunch, the BB gun shooting was broken out. Truth be told, guys never actually grow up. 

Little Motley waiting patiently for his turn to play.

I hope everyone has an amazing week, even though this devilish day, "Monday" forced its way back into our lives again. sigh. 


  1. seriously, motley..h e a r t t h r o b. i might steal him.

    Good luck with finals mama! They will be over in a jiffy!

    Love you,

    1. Gah, isn't he though?!? Thanks I'm going to need it, then we can shop for Savannah! SO excited, love you gal!


  2. i feel you girl, Monday can be the worst sometimes. I hope your finals go smoothly, I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the same!

    I love your site, found you from the Daybook. I can't wait to read along!

  3. How cute are you guys?? I'm glad Monday is over now, too. I forgot to make a to do list last night and could hardly sleep because I was so paranoid I'd forget something. That's the worst.

    Come enter the giveaway we have on H&J this week--we'd love to have you.