Monday, December 24, 2012

Life according to my iPhone

Happiest Christmas Eve my dears! 
Things have been crazy busy, and by busy I mean relaxing and enjoying every moment of my break with family, friends and wine. 
Here's a quick glimpse of the past 2 weeks:

Megan and I celebrating finishing our first semester of Grad school. That was a lovely hangover might I add.

Tuck excited to spend the week with his dad in Tallahassee

Arm party.

A perfect friday night surprise.

My babes.

Before Hunter's work Christmas par-tay.

Tucker, embracing the college life.

What happens when my mom and I go to the wine store together. Haaay, I'm not mad.

My beaaaaa-utiful new lens from Hunter.

Ain't he handsome?

Tuck man getting ready for Christmas.

Such a sweet pic with my sister, right?

At my sister's boyfriend's show this weekend.

Go Matty, go!

The sweetest Christmas gift ;)

Tucker clearly taking hold on the family photo. Gotta love that sweet little nugget.

I hope everyone has the most wonderful Christmas eve, and you're exactly where you want to be! 
We'll be at my brother's house tonight with all the family, eating delish pasta, hot cider and some fabulous Christmas movies. 

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  1. Love the arm party, love the new lens, love the doggie sweater! Merry Christmas!