Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Welcome to my blog- please excuse my first time awkwardness, try and embrace it. I've been following the blog world for a quite some time and figured it was time to join myself. I figured a space to share my own DIY projects, thrifting finds and every day thoughts is exactly what I need. 

Ready for the low down? Okay, good. Here we go. 

 Meet the family:

  1. First we have Lu, the sweetest, most caring and talkative woman you will ever meet. Did I mention patient? Incredibly patient. 
  2. Next up, Dave, my one and only Dream Boat. A real life Hercules who has a way with stringing together colorful words when frustrated. I think that's where I got it from. Anywho, he's taught me everything I know about work ethic, loyalty and enjoying the moment. 
  3. Then we have Christa- A pretty fantastic sista, friend and therapist. Oh, she also has a great closet that she loves to let me raid. Thanks gal ;)
  4. Last up- My self proclaiming comedic brother David and his wife, Erica (who might I add is a perfect addition to the fam.) They're living in North Carolina now but are moving back to Florida this summer- WOO! 

Meet the Mister:

See that good lookin' face? Yup, that's my boyfriend Hunter, a real gem. He's funny, goofy and pretty darn amazing if you ask me, but maybe I'm bias. He thinks my DIY hobbies are my inner 50 year old coming out, but he loves me anyways.

Meet my hairy, 90 lb baby:

Tucker, Tuck Man Jr., Tucky Fresh, Tucker Max, Monkey Man, etc... You'll hear and see a lot about this little man so get used to seeing his precious, furry face. 

Well there ya have it, my very first awkward post, with many more to come! 



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