Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take One

First off- Happy Thursday! Pretty fran-freaking-tastic seeing as that makes tomorrow...wait for it, wait for it... FRIDAY! Nothing like the thought of the weekend and a glass of wine to get me through a long day of class. So come five o'clock, cheers!

What better way to start of my blogging than a walk through my very first furniture re-do using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I took a beginners class on the paint a few weeks back with Hunter's sister, it was decent but the paint is FABULOUS.

I found this table from an old second hand store for about 7$- Hellllllooooo Jackpot!

The paint only takes about 30 minutes to dry, even faster if its outside (the perks of living in Florida, 80 degrees year round.)  This is what it looked like after 2 coats. I used 'OLD WHITE.'

Depending on how antiqued you want your furniture to look adjust the coverage of the paint. 

I let the paint completely dry then used sandpaper, 150 grit to sand down the edges and legs. It looked a lil' something like this-

After all sanding has been done I applied the clear soft wax with an old rag, (an old ducks unlimited shirt, I'm sorry dad) I was wanting a matte finish to my table so I only applied one coat. The shinier you want, the more wax coats to apply. 

I let my piece dry for 24 hours before placing it in it's new home.... the garage. Don't worry little table, I'll find you a home soon enough!

What do you guys think? Loving the Annie Sloan Chalk paint as much as I do? 



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