Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabulously Friday

Friday, OH YEAAHHHH! Know what that means? Come five o'clock I'll be running, yes I said running, out of my office chair, to my car, and home to see my honeys.

Look at those faces, too darn adorable. I die. 

Can't wait to spend my weekend in my sweats, thirfting, crafting and snuggling. Yup, I'm a wild one these days. Anywho, I have a few of my DIY projects done that I forgot to take before pictures of- GRRR kicking myself now, but oh shwell what can ya do? 

1. Earring holder from an old frame

Step one: Find an old frame. Found this little number at goodwill for a whopping $3.00.

Step Two: Remove the glass and apply a light sanding to the wood.

Step Three: Dry brushed a light white onto the frame.

Step Four: Apply a light coat of Spray Paint, I believe this color was pistachio (Walmart, again only 3$)

Step Five: After allowing this to dry sand it down to reveal some of the white paint under and some of the wood. 

Step Six: With wire cutters (or scissors if you're a poor college student who has no place to store anything... this gal) cut 2 pieces or more depending on the size of your frame. Hot glue the wire down on the edges....

And then WAH-LAH! You're very beautiful, and easy earring holder. 

2. Magazine table re-do. 

Gah. I really wish I had a before picture of this little guy. Bought him (yes, it's a he) a few weeks ago for 5$ at the junior leagues sale. With a little TLC I ended up with a magazine table that I la la la love. 

Step One: NO sanding, oh yeaaah I said it, no sanding. Another perk of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I started by applying a dry brush coat of her "Old White." And let that dry for about 20 minutes.

Step Two: Apply a coat of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint "Paris Grey", oh  how I love grey. Grey everything. 

Step Three: Sand down until you've reached the look you're going for. 

SIDE NOTE: Chalk paint, or how I like to call it- crack paint (it's so easy to use you'll become addicted too, trust me) truly dries into a chalk. AKA easiest sanding you'll ever do, and allows you to sand in layers. Parts of the table is sanded down exposing the old white color and other parts are exposing the dark wood under both layers. 

Step Four: Apply the Annie Sloan Soft Wax. It's really important you DO NOT skip this step, without the wax, your furniture will chalk right off. 

Step Five: (Optional) I had some left over scrap booking paper from hunters Valentines Day card, (maybe I'll share that one another day) so I cut it to size to fit on the inside of the table and applied some Mod Podge and BAM.....

I'm in the progress of redoing an old window into a picture holder, which is caaa-uuute and should be done within the next few days. Try and contain your excitement. 

Welp, I guess I should get back to work. And by that I mean sitting at the front desk watching Netflix until the phone rings again. OH just another day in the life. 

Happy Friday ya'll! 


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