Monday, May 13, 2013

Paris, Part 2

Confession- I've been bad at blogging. I'm talking really, really bad. This little thing called life just seemed to creep its way in and apparently I had to deal with it. Well, moral of the story is I finished my second semester of grad school after studying about 8 hours a day for 9 days straight and enjoyed every second of the WHOLE week of summer off I had.

Hunter graduates in a month and then is moving to Tampa and I seriously could not be any more excited- 6 more l-o-n-g weeks, people! Praying they fly by. Anyways, this summer my work load should be a lot less than it has been and I won't lie to ya, I missed my little internet outlet sooooo- I'm back. And yup, I'm just going to pick up right where I left off.

drum roll, please..... Paris, Part 2.

Love lock bridge 
Throwing our keys in! 

The one picture I got before I got screamed at and chased away... whoooops

Oh, I forgot to mention that Hunter and I put our lock on the knock off bridge. Yup, one bridge too early. I'm not sure if either of us have even laughed harder than when we saw the real one. baha 

Notre Dame was absolutely beautiful. Gypsies and all.
View from our hotel room. I didn't hate it. 

Our last night in Paris. 
Get in my belly.

Can't wait to share our Rome pictures, I could have spent the rest of my life in Italy... I'll be back, mark my words.

Until next time,

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